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Organic Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Before making a purchase, more than 80% customers search for a product online which influence their purchase decision. SEO can help you drive sales like crazzy!

Successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign is always carried out with data-driven approach. Meet the leading seo company in Pakistan and team of SEO gurus from the industry. Our SEO gurus can analyze your website and competition in the market and propose you with the best seo strategy for your business. Daskoti has been the best company providing digital marketing and seo service provider in Pakistan and now growing worldwide. We provide SEO services in Dubai, UAE & Lahore, Pakistan. Having the head quatter centered in Pakistan, Daskoti is a leading speciallized company in digital marketing in Dubai, UAE. We do extensive keywords research and trends in the digital world to run your SEO campaign and design the adverts for your business. Among all the digital marketing companies in Pakistan, Dubai and UAE, we have grown rapidly over one year. We provide the best PPC Search engine marketing in Pakistan, dubai and UAE.

Unlimited Keywords – Full Website Maintenance & Support – Compelete Keywords Research

We start the SEO project for FREE from 2 to 4 weeks and show you the results before we sign the contract.

We’ve hired SEO Gurus to take care of your website!

More Traffic

Advanced Keyword Research by the Industry Experts.

Long-Term Strategy

Analysis of trends and advanced keywords research let you take better decision.

More Leads

Being on first page of google is not enough. You need LEADS, right?

Pre-Qualified Leads

When your SEO is dealt in good hands, you receive more leads and better leads.

More Conversion

Analyze and rectify each step of your sales funnel to increase conversion rate.

Increase Your Sales

The ultimate goal of the SEO is to increase the sales. We would love to do it for you.

More Revenue

More revenue and sustainability helps you play the business game life long.

Win-Win together

We help you grow your business. Help us be the leading digital agency around the globe.

No Advanced Payment

We believe in our strengths in SEO (Search Engine Optimization and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We do your Keywords Research, Competitors Analysis and On-Page Optimization without any payment in advance. Evaluate our services and pay on the go!

Get Your SEO Health Report For Free!



Why Choose Us?

  • Get full SEO package at as low as AED 2000/month
  • Up to 100 Keywords and Competitor’s Research
  • Full On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
  • Quality Banklinking to avoid spam and penality from Google
  • Affordable packages for all sort of business
  • Free Website Maintenance
  • A Single session of 60 minutes with our Digital Marketing expert for FREE
  • 24/7 support with 30 minutes response time

What Our Clients Say?

I have been working with Daskoti team for more than 6 months now. Their team is so professional. I never seen them late in their deliverables or delivering a compromising result. Highly recommended!
Bilal Waheed, Z-X Consulting
We needed the website (quite simple one) to be developed in just 3 days. They did it! These guys seem to over promise all the time. The beauty is that they even over deliver to what they promise. “Bravo Guys!”
I know the Daskoti from 5 years now when it was not even established. These bunch of undergraduates developed a software solution for my business to maintain the customer’s billing information along with complaint management system with a few couple of necessary reports.
Rana Amar, Rana TV Network